Let’s Get it Arted


By Patricia B. Dwyer

Love Conquers Awe

Thumbprint Gallery’s “Tangerines and Monster Dreams” showcases the solo and collaborative works of artists Michael “Monstrinho” (“Little Monster”) and Gloria Muriel-artists who share friendship and technique as well as a-peel. Vibrant colors, fantastical figures and enigmatic natural elements thoroughly populate their work.

Monstrinho, a San Diego resident, is a spray paint-and-acrylics man whose comic book-filled childhood gave way to a fascination with skateboarding, early-’90s hip-hop and graffiti art. He has further tamed his already benevolent, albeit wall-sized, exterior creature visions down to canvas and board for this show.

Reinforcing Monstrinho’s running theme of love, the Salvador Dali-influenced, primarily acrylic paintings of Mexico native Muriel combine pop surrealism and anthropomorphized nature while incorporating feminine characters with big eyes and soft settings.

Nov. 12 - Dec. 4
Thumbprint Gallery
290 Kline St. #104, La Jolla

Saved by the Bell

Rekindle the pride you felt when Mom hung your art on the fridge by skipping off to “Homeroom” at Subtext gallery. Inspired by those artistic glory days of eating paste and sprinkling glitter on your drawings to make them “pretty,” more than 20 artists are displaying works in everything from crayon and chalk to finger paint-all springing from childhood freedom, innocence and blissful ignorance. Just be there in time for roll call.

Nov 11 - Dec. 11
2479 Kettner Blvd., Little Italy

Peculiar Charms

It’s almost as if the dainty, sometimes darkly twisted paintings of Marianela de la Hoz and the intricate metal craftsmanship of Tasha Rae made sweet love one day, giving birth to a delicate melding of jewelry. De la Hoz’s mysterious characters are framed in Rae’s angular shapes and miniscule swirls, forcing the artists’ respective aesthetics to interact in both intimate and inscrutable ways. On display at Noel-Baza Fine Art, the collection includes earrings, necklaces and lockets.

Nov. 11 - Dec. 10
Noel-Baza Fine Art
2156 India St., Little Italy

Rock Around the Blok

The San Diego Museum of Art’s “Art in Context: Mexican Art Mural by Writerz Blok” shows the youth urban art group in dynamic action. Inspired by the museum’s special exhibition, “Mexican Modern Painting from the Andrés Blaisten Collection,” the program’s four mural and graffiti artists-all from East County-will spend two weeks brushing and spraying color onto a sprawling cement canvas in the Sculpture Court. Watch them work their magic each night.

Nov. 1 - 16
San Diego Museum of Art
1450 El Prado, Balboa Park