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Congratulations to Cassidy Marie Wolf, fashion model for the March 2013 issue of PacificSD. When posing for the magazine, Ms. Wolf was Miss California Teen USA 2013. As of August 13, she has been crowned Miss Teen USA 2013.

Wolf joins the ranks of other victorious PacificSD beauties who, months after being featured in their favorite magazine, won their respective competitions. Of course, we can’t take all the credit. Just sayin’....

Cassidy Marie Wolf

March 2013: Appears in PacificSD’s HOME ISSUE fashion editorial photo shoot as Miss California Teen USA 2013.
August 2013: Wins title of Miss Teen USA 2013.

Wolf, on her win...
“It’s like a dream; it doesn’t feel real. It still takes me a moment to remember where and who I am when I wake up in the morning.”

On the PacificSD photo shoot...
“Working with PacificSD was so amazing. The shoot gave me more experience, and it was neat to be featured in a magazine all about my hometown.”

Raquel Pomplun

February 2013: Appears on PacificSD LOVE ISSUE cover as Playboy Playmate.
May 2013: Named Playboy’s Playmate of the Year.

Pomplun on her win....
“It feels amazing. It’s almost unreal, unbelievable, a great rush of adrenaline, a true honor.”

On the PacificSD photo shoot...
“Working with PacificSD was an amazing experience... and the outcome was perfect and beautiful. Even friends that I had not heard from in years contacted me to congratulate me for the cover. It was an amazing feeling of accomplishment. It put me out there for people to vote for me [for Playmate of the Year].”

Alyssa Campanella

May 2011: Appears on PacificSD’s WATER ISSUE cover as Miss California USA 2011.
June 2011: Wins title of Miss USA 2011.

Campanella on her win....
“It was a pretty emotional, overwhelming moment the minute my reign began. Suddenly, everyone knows your name and wants your picture or autograph.”

On the PacificSD photo shoot...
“The idea of seeing myself on the cover of such a popular magazine made my heart skip a beat. I received a lot of recognition from it. Shooting the cover for PacificSD helped prepare me for all the upcoming magazine shoots I would have as Miss USA. I also believe I was the only Miss USA contestant that year to be featured on the cover of a magazine prior to the national televised pageant.”