Knockaround releases student-designed sunglasses

Knockaround, a sunglass company based in San Diego, will release its sixth annual “Class Acts” sunglasses on May 7.

As a yearly program, “Class Acts” partners with Art Reach, which seeks to teach young students the importance of art. The sunglass company and charity collaborate to provide local fourth and fifth grade students ideation and drawing workshops and the opportunity to practice creativity by designing a pair of sunglasses.

Out of all the student’s designs, Knockaround typically selects one pair to sell on its website. This year, three designs were chosen “Galaxy” by fourth grader Amaya; “Mr. Butter” by fifth grader Danielle; and “Croc in the Swamp” by fourth grader Brayden.

The sunglasses will be available for purchase on May 7, with 100% of the proceeds going back to art education for local underfunded K-12 schools.

Aside from the “Class Acts” designs, Knockaround also sells a variety of affordable unisex sunglasses starting at $10, with polarized sunglasses starting at $15.

“When I founded Knockaround in 2005 after graduating art school, it was fueled by my love of art and design,” said founder Adam “Ace” Moyer in a recent press release. “I feel lucky to have seen art as a viable path for myself and I want to create more opportunities for young people to pursue their artistic careers.”

Since its inception, through the Class Acts program, Knockaround has raised more than $60,000 for elementary art education in San Diego County.

For those inspired by the creative spirit of “Class Acts” but not by spending their days playing at recess or learning to write in cursive, Knockaround offers a “Design Your Own” option starting at $25.

The “Class Acts” sunglasses and the rest of Knockaround’s products are available on its website,