Mixperience festival explodes with color


Since its inception in 2015, KAABOO has been dropping jaws and mesmerizing eyeballs with its explosive array of talented artists from around the world. Taking the festival vibe to new aesthetic heights, KAABOO brings art to the masses by incorporating live painting, full-scale installations, performance art and a pop-up gallery scene.

Upon immediate arrival to the festival, guests are greeted by almost 100 art installations already in place for instant viewing pleasure. Heightening the sensory experience, live art is produced throughout the festival to the tunes of the weekend’s musical lineups.

This year at KAABOO Artwork, more than 100 mixed media artists will be featured, from various countries including Brazil, Spain, Germany, Australia, Mexico, and Austria, American cities including New York, Las Vegas, and Detroit, along with a wide range from California from San Diego to San Francisco, Los Angeles, north to Oakland and east out to Indio.

Top names this year from the global art scene include Austrian street artist Nychos, renowned illustrators and muralists Bicicleta Sem Freio from Brazil, German photorealist Case Maclaim, Spanish installation artist Felipe Pantone, and Pangeaseed artists Frank and Mimi from Hawaii and Brisbane (Pangeaseed murals are located around San Diego).

Well-known names from California include Amandalynn, Ian Ross, and Lauren YS from San Francisco (LINK to mural article), and San Diego’s own Gloria Muriel (LINK) and Spenser Little.

When asked if there was something particularly new and exciting to look for this year on the live art scene, KAABOO Artistic Director Amandalynn, replied,Yes! There are a lot of new art projects happening live this year. One really amazing installation that I am looking forward to will be done by the artist known as Handiedan. She has been working with KAABOO’s lead carpenter, Gretta Grazier, to create a massive three dimensional collage surface. It’s definitely a one of a kind installation, and in my books, is a must see.”

When patrons need a respite from the sunny outdoors, the Artwork building will offer an indoor 2,500-square-foot pop-up gallery with thousands of pieces at a variety of price points. Art galleries including local Sparks Gallery, Distinction Gallery, VISUAL Urban Contemporary Gallery, and the San Diego Museum of Art are exhibiting a range of artists, alongside KAABOO’s own official gallery artists. Featured this year are San Diego’s own Christopher Konecki (LINK to SD murals tour article) Carly Ealey, Kreashun, Jason Humphrey, Jorge Gutierrez, Michael Carini, Christopher Aaron, and Alex Banach.

KAABOO Del Mar full Artwork lineup

Muralists and installation artists

Bicicleta Sem Freio (Brazil)

Case Maclaim (Germany)

Crystal Wagner (Brooklyn)

Elle (Bi-coastal New York/Los Angeles)

Erin Yoshi (Los Angeles)

Felipe Pantone (Spain)

Gloria Muriel (San Diego)

Hula (Hawaii)

Ian Ross (San Francisco)

Kelly Ording (Oakland)

Lauren Napolitano (Oakland)

Lauren YS (San Francisco)

Lucien Shapiro (Los Angeles)

Nychos (Vienna, Austria/San Francisco)

Ouizi (Detroit, MI)

Paola Delfin (Mexico City)

Pangeaseed featuring Frank & Mimi (Hawaii/Brisbane)

PichiAvo (Valencia, Spain)

Spenser Little (San Diego)

Amandalynn (San Francisco)

Participating galleries

111 Minna (San Francisco)

C.A.V.E. Gallery (Venice Beach)

Distinction Gallery (Escondido)

San Diego Museum of Art (San Diego)

Sparks Gallery (San Diego)

Sugar Press (Los Angeles)

VISUAL Urban Contemporary Gallery (San Diego)

Exhibiting artists

Alex Banach (San Diego)

Beautiful Soul (Valencia)

Brett Crawford (San Clemente)

Christopher Aaron (San Diego)

Collin Salazar (Los Angeles)

David Battaglia (Oakland)

David Young V (San Francisco)

Defectivebarbie (Los Angeles)

Dodge Williams (Redwood City)

Douglas Cross (Huntington Beach)

Ellen Rutt (Detroit, MI)

H+ Creative (Los Angeles)

Ivano Stocco (Fullerton)

Jason Humphrey (San Diego)

John Bukaty (New Orleans)

John Ha (Garden Grove)

Jorge Gutierrez (San Diego)

Kathleen Caid (Los Angeles)

Kathryn Morin (Anchorage, AK)

Kreashun (San Diego)

Laura Wandry (San Marco)

Lee Hendrickson (Goodyear, AZ)

Lindsay Celaya (Southern California)

Mark Stephenson (Sky Valley)

Melanie Alves (San Francisco)

Michael Carini (San Diego)

Niki J Sands (Las Vegas)

Prairie Prince (San Francisco)

Rewind Jewelry (Indio)

Sarah Johnson (Central Illinois)

Shane Heath (Los Angeles)

Sharon Kaplan (Los Angeles)

Sonja Metzler (Washington)

Taped Metal Canvas (Oakland)

Trait de Genie Art (American Canyon, CA)

Vic Lee (Encinitas)

Whitman Lindstrom (Los Angeles)

KAABOO gallery artists

Beth Emmerich

Carly Ealey

Chad Hasegawa

Chop’em Down Films

Chris Konecki

Daryll Pierce

Espana Garcia

Helice Wen

Jaclyn Rose

Jessica Fuchs-Shafer

Jet Martinez

Joaquin Sorro

Joshua Lawyer

Kai’ili Kaulukukui

Kalani Ware

Lindsey Millikan

Margaretta Grazier

Marissa Quinn

Max Ehrman

Megan Shaffer

Melissa Walter

Mike Maxwell

MJ Lindo

NC Winters

Nick McPherson


Robert Bowen

Snip Tease

Interested in buying one of the large murals or live paintings? Following 2018 KAABOO, all large-scale murals seen and created on-site will be available for purchase, as well as works from previous KAABOO mural artists at To see an updated list of artists participating at KAABOO, visit