In Full Swing


By Megan Looney
Photos by Sara Norris

Mixed martial arts (MMA) fighter Geoff “The One-Handed Bandit” Real was born with only one hand. “I’m always the underdog,” he says. “Everyone else has the upper hand... no pun intended.”

Real spent much of his life as a military brat who moved from city to city. Now, having fought as an amateur for four years, he calls San Diego home and has one professional bout under his belt. He won the fight in the first round.

On Monday, March 23, Real will enter the ring at FLUXX Fight Night, where 24 professional MMA fighters will compete in a cage located in the middle of the dance floor at FLUXX nightclub in the Gaslamp.

“The type of life I’ve had, the struggles that I face, I think people get really excited seeing someone like me enter the cage, someone who’s faced a lot of adversity,” says Real, who has grappled not only tough human opponents but also cancer. “With every fight, I want to recognize that I’m fighting for the less fortunate.”

Another local fighter to appear at FLUXX is Parker “The Amazing Spider-Man” Reid, who started MMA training when he was 15 years old, after losing one too many school-yard brawls.

“I was [nicknamed] Spidey when I first started training, and was a bit of nerd, but still athletic,” says Reid. “The name stuck ‘til I had my first amateur fight and won. The announcer called me The Amazing Spider-Man, so I guess I moved up in the world.”

When he isn’t training or fighting, Reid, whose professional record is 6-1, works behind the bar at downtown’s AD Nightclub.

With 12 fights and one knockout after-party included with admission, FLUXX Fight Night is sure to be a hit. Find tickets and more info at

FLUXX Fight Night
Monday, March 23
First fight: 9:30 p.m.
500 Fourth Ave., Gaslamp