Heroes Welcome


By Patricia B. Dwyer

7/19-31: “Where Eagles Dare” By Amanda Visell
MRKT., East Village
Vintage cartoon-loving artist Amanda Visell will show her paintings, wood sculptures and other creations at mrkt (a new east village boutique and gallery; see story, Stocked MRKT) during an exhibition coinciding with Comic-Con.

7/10-8/3: Studio Artists Group Exhibition
Distinction Art Gallery, Escondido
Distinction Art Gallery is celebrating its ninth birthday by displaying paintings, photography and mixed-media creations by 30 of the artists who call the place home.

7/12-11/3: “Color Field” By Liza Lou
MCASD, Little Italy
Liza Lou creates shimmery, light-catching installations out of glass beads. Her latest work, “Color Field,” is a 20-by-26-foot sculpture inspired by color field painters (basically, people who make color the subject of their paintings; see: Rothko) and the grasslands of South Africa, where she currently lives and works with Zulu artisans.

7/13: “Proceed with Caution” By Brian “Hebs” Hebets
Visual, Normal Heights
Born and raised in San Diego, Brian Hebets will display his paintings in his first-ever solo show in July. Hebets works with acrylic and spray paint, creating images that appear to be influenced by digital animation and inspired by childhood nightmares.

7/19-8/4: “Hats off to Dr. Seuss”
A touring exhibition of hats from Dr. Seuss’ private collection
Legends Gallery, La Jolla
The doc named Seuss had many great hats,
On his head he did wear them, and that is a fact.
But his private collection never made print,
So no one has seen it, for even a stint.
But now they are here for Seuss fans to see
How one poet’s head was covered... tee-hee.