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Art beat: December gallery and exhibit openings

Gallery and exhibit openings include Julia San Roman: The Infinite Hope, Go Figure and Speculative Dolphin Theatre.

12.9-1.6.18: Denise Bledsoe and Valency Genis: Comfort Creatures

Artists Denise Bledsoe and Valency Genis have created sculptures specifically for this show, featuring ceramic and oil-based clays and unique animals influenced by everything from Dr. Seuss to dioramas from natural history museums.

Distinction Gallery: 317 E. Grand Ave., Escondido, 760.781.5779,

Comfort Creature

One of the "Comfort Creatures" art displays by Denise Bledsoe and Valency Genis.

(Courtesy photo)

12.9-1.7.18: Go Figure

A celebration of figurativism, featuring works by various artists who offer different perspectives of the real world through their creations.

Thumbprint Gallery: 920 Kline St., La Jolla, 858.354.6294,

Go Figure Icarus

"Icarus" by David Camisa.

(Courtesy photo)

12.9-3.11.18: Lenore Simon: Quest/A Solo Show

Artist Lenore Simon took on learning digital illustration in her 80s, and this exhibit will feature her earliest works alongside her latest foray into digital art.


Sparks Gallery, 530 Sixth Ave., downtown, 619.696.1416,

Eve Seriagraph

"Eve" by Lenore Simon

(Courtesy photo)

12.9-5.13.18: Weaving a Path: Navajo Women and the Feminine Ethos

Rugs, blankets and other textiles featuring geometric designs and patterns have been created by Diné (Navajo) women, who weave as part of a spiritual and economic process of survival.

Mingei International Museum: 1439 El Prado, Balboa Park, 619.239.0003,

Navajo Rug

Navajo rug by Betty Jo Peterson.

(Courtesy photo)

12.13-30: Rock the Lens: San Diego Geological (Rock) Formation Art

Rock formations with unique patterns and rich colors were photographed along the Southern California coastline, taking one shot with a telephoto lens to give the appearance of abstract pictures.

Gallery 21 at Spanish Village Art Center: 1770 Village Art Center, Balboa Park, 619.233.9050,

Super Swirl

"Super Swirl" by Lacy Lewis.

(Courtesy photo)

12.16-31: Maryellene Deason: Feathers, Flowers and Fur

Along with the exhibit open each day, artist Maryellene Deason invites art lovers to join her at a brunch reception on Dec. 23 to celebrate this exhibit with her.

Gallery 23 at Spanish Village Art Center: 1770 Village Art Center, Balboa Park, 619.233.9050, 

Hooded Cat

An art piece featured in Feathers, Flowers and Fur by Maryellene Deason.

(Courtesy photo)

Through 12.8: Speculative Dolphin Theatre

This video and sound installation were created by an artist and cognitive scientist to explore the communication of dolphins, featuring spoken-word interpretations of dolphins’ interactions with each other.

gallery@calit2 in Atkinson Hall at UC San Diego: 9500 Gilman Dr., La Jolla, 858.534.2860,

Dolphin Theatre

Pieces of art featuring Dolphins will be featured at the video and sound theatre in Atkinson Hall at UC San Diego.

(Courtesy photo)

Through 3.18.18: Ellen Dieter: Color, Joy, Shape, Vitality

Embracing the inspiration she finds from her inner world and the world outside of her, artist Ellen Dieter puts the two worlds together to create compositions of modern life.

Oceanside Museum of Art: 704 Pier View Way, Oceanside, 760.435.3720, 


Bubble Girl

"Bubble Girl" by Ellen Dieter.

(Courtesy photo)

Through 3.18.18: Julia San Roman: The Infinite Hope

Science, painting and art history converge in artist Julia San Roman’s pieces, with rigid lines against soft, supple clouds or sharp bird shapes over dark, indistinct clouds to evoke the sounds of Flamenco hand clapping.

Oceanside Museum of Art: 704 Pier View Way, Oceanside, 760.435.3720,


"Glimmer" by Julia San Roman.

(Courtesy photo)

Through 3.18.18: Neil Brooks: Little Doors

These large-scale paintings contain the essence of North County with “little doors” of marks and color on the canvas.

Oceanside Museum of Art: 704 Pier View Way, Oceanside, 760.435.3720,

Little Doors

"Little Doors" by Neil Brooks.

(Courtesy photo)