Deep Blue See

By Frieda Noone

With the tragedy of the Italian cruise liner Costa Concordia in the news, and the 3D version of Hollywood's biggest box-of?ce hit, Titanic, preparing to set sail this April for the 100th anniversary of its namesake's demise, there's no avoiding that sinking feeling.

Get a fascinating historical uplift at "Titanic: The Artifact Exhibition," opening February 10 at the San Diego Natural History Museum. Passenger cabin re-creations and a 40-foot replica of the ship's hull will showcase 200 artifacts-including unbroken perfume vials and au gratin dishes (pictured)-from the more than 5,500 items salvaged from the shipwreck since the mid-1990s.

Most signi?cantly, the exhibition, by telling the stories behind the objects, preserves the passions of those who built and boarded the great ship while reaf?rming our love of the sea.

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