Cool Runnings

By Erin Goss / Photo by John Mireles

Each day, between working for a living and caring for her sons, Solana Beach resident Ruth Voorhies trains with the nation’s top running coaches.

On-call personal trainers may sound like a luxury only celebrities or “real housewives” could afford, but Voorhies is neither of these. So, how does she do it? The PEAR Square One.

Designed by San Diegans Kristian Rauhala and Bob Allison, the $250 PEAR Square One is a training device that utilizes programs designed by world-class running coaches to create personalized workouts. It assesses a user’s physical thresholds via an introductory workout that tracks the heart rate through a wireless monitor, and then suggests appropriate programs to push the user to a higher level.

“I trust the training, and it lets me push past what I thought was my edge,” Voorhies says.

Rabuhala, who is currently training for his first full-distance Ironman race, says his invention is the latest evolution in heart rate monitor technology.

“I tested and tried all of the fitness gadgets out there, but none really did what I wanted them to do,” he says. “They gave me data, but not an explanation of what to do with it. I just wanted a coach to tell me what to do. The PEAR solves this by combining the coaching and heart rate monitoring into an easy-to-use system.”

Today, PEAR Square One users can access more than 500 personalized workouts and get real-time advice straight to their headphones during runs.

“It’s just like having a coach next to you when you are working out,” Rabuhala says. “It’s very much a human-to-human connection.”

Fitbit Ultra Wireless Fitness Tracker

When it comes to fitness, knowledge is power. Get in shape by getting on top of your body’s overall wellness with the Fitbit Ultra Wireless Fitness Tracker, which gives users comprehensive feedback on sleep patterns, daily calories burned and steps taken. The data is then transferred to a smartphone app for easy access. $99.99.


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BeatBurn Treadmill/Outdoor Trainer

Before pounding the pavement, download the BeatBurn Treadmill/Out Trainer app to rev up those runs. This app combines a digital personal trainer and beat-sync technology, creating a playlist from your music library to match your desired intensity and shift the tempo to help you keep the pace. $3.99. Available for iPhone, Android, Mac, and PC.