A closer look at the life, career of comedian Ali Wong

Comedian Ali Wong is perhaps best known for her uproarious Netflix stand-up specials, Baby Cobra (2016) and Hard Knock Wife (2018), each of which was filmed while she was more than 7 months pregnant (with different kids, of course). Wong, however, also has a number of writing credits to her name, and she has starred in more than two-dozen television shows and movies.

This month, Wong, who was born and raised in California, brings her Milk & Money Tour to San Diego for six shows April 19-21 at the Balboa Theatre and one show April 22 at the Civic Theatre. As was the case in other cities on her tour, shows were added in San Diego when tickets sold out faster than expected. At press time, all shows had nearly sold out.

If you’re unfamiliar with Wong and her work, here’s a by-the-numbers breakdown of her life and comedic career.

ABC's "American Housewife" stars Ali Wong as Doris.

ABC’s “American Housewife” stars Ali Wong as Doris.

(Ed Herrera / ABC via Getty Images)

1982 ― Born in San Francisco as Alexandra Dawn Wong

2000 — Graduated from San Francisco University High School as president of the student body

2004 — Graduated from UCLA with a bachelor’s degree in Asian-American studies

2014 — Married Justin Hakuta, a tech exec and the son of inventor and TV personality “Dr. Fad”

2016 — Wong’s first comedy special, Baby Cobra, premieres on Netflix

2020 — Expected premiere of Birds of Prey, a film in which Wong will star alongside Margot Robbie

2 — Seasons Wong wrote for the television show Fresh Off the Boat

3 — Years Wong has starred as a series regular on the show American Housewife

7 — Months pregnant Wong was during the filming of both of her Netflix specials

10 — Record-setting number of shows Wong sold out at San Francisco’s Masonic Auditorium

23 — Age when Wong attempted stand-up comedy for the first time

25 — Acting credits to her name, including several voice-acting roles

3,500 — Maximum audience size Wong will agree to perform in front of

127,800 — Twitter followers

281,577 — Likes on Facebook

1,000,000+ — Instagram followers

Show note: If you’re lucky enough to have scored tickets to one of Wong’s performances, be prepared to face smartphone separation anxiety. The comedian will be requiring all audience members to lock their devices in proprietary pouches that can be unlocked only at the end of the night or at certain locations in the lobby.


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