Break Time


By Allie Daugherty
It’s called a “Melting Halo.” In the world of competitive break dancing, it’s Roxrite’s signature move.

“A Melting Halo is like a cartwheel, but you’re having to go from shoulder to shoulder using your head. So you’re sliding,” he says.

The move is impressive and frightening; it looks as if Roxrite (born Omar Delgado) could snap his neck. But the 28-year-old Kensington resident is used to the danger that comes with breakdancing. He’s been competing for 10 years and has won 79 competitions. He says his greatest achievement was becoming the first B-Boy (cool-kid lingo for “breakdancer-boy”) to win three different one-on-one world titles, including the UK Championships Solo in 2005, the R16 Solo World Championships in 2009 and, in 2011, the Red Bull BC One World Finals.

This year, Roxrite will be back at the BC One - the world’s most prestigious break-dancing championship - fighting to keep his title as he battles 15 other breakdancers December 8 in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.

“Representing San Diego has been an honor, and I hope to inspire and motivate the youth to follow their dreams and passions,” he says. “From myself, you can expect to see a battler going head-to-head with whoever is in front of me. I will be going in there giving 110 percent so that I can be the first B-Boy in the world to win the Red Bull BC One two times in a row.”

Still, Roxrite doesn’t let the success go to his head, even when he’s spinning on it and beating the best in the world. Ultimately, he wants his championship titles to number in the triple digits, but after Brazil he’ll be busy planning his 2013 wedding and intends to spend the holidays relaxing with his fiancée and family.

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Name Calling

Roxrite isn’t the only B-Boy with a nickname. Here’s the lineup of the competitors he’ll face at the upcoming Red Bull BC One World Finals:

DomKey (Philadelphia)
ViciousVictor (Orlando)
Kid David (San Francisco)
Klesio (Brazil)
Mounir (France)
Junior (France)
Lil Zoo (Morocco)
Shorty Force (South Korea)
Slav (Bulgaria)
Arex (Colombia)
Sunni (UK)
Alkolil (Russia)
Differ (South Korea)
Issei (Japan)
Hill (Mexico)

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