Back To The Drawing Board


By David L. Coddon / Photos by Paul Body

Generations of American children have had obsessions with comic strip characters Calvin and Hobbes. Artist/illustrator Nicholas Ivins, who created the cover of this issue of PacificSD, never grew out of his.

“I was enthralled by the art of comics and comic books,” says Ivins. “I think a lot of kids are, but for me it’s stuck my whole life.”

After graduating with a Graphic Design degree from San Diego State, Ivins, 32, found freelance illustration gigs while trying to launch a career as a graphic designer. When he was laid off from a job in 2008, he opted to pursue his art full-time.

Now, Ivins describes himself as “a pretty hardcore drawer.”

“I’ve always liked the simplicity of a pencil,” he says. “It’s easy to pick up and difficult to master. But my artistic sensibility is more around pen and ink. I like the tactility of making art that way.”

Among Ivins’ favorite things to draw are people, mostly women and often inspired by sci-fi, vampires and Day of the Dead imagery. “Overall, I have a wry, satirical sense of humor,” he says. “I like to look at things just to analyze them and say, Why? I’m interested in weird stuff.”

Meet Ivins and watch him draw live April 13 at the Fallbrook Avocado Festival and April 27 at the Mission Federal ArtWalk in Little Italy.