Art Seen


By Patricia B. Dwyer

8/2-9/1: “I’m A-Ok” By John Ankoski
Subtext Gallery, Little Italy
Canadian transplant John Antoski is associate art director at Transworld Snowboarding magazine, but his fine art has taken a turn for the ocean with painted bodysurfing handplanes, boat oars and surfboard fins. The artist’s upcoming show at Subtext Gallery in Little Italy, “I’m A-OK,” focuses on his line drawings and SoCal-inspired graphic prints.

7/28-8/25: “Shades Of Clay” By Doreen Mellen
GlasHaus, Barrio Logan
Laguna Beach ceramicist Doreen Mellen is known for her classic tableware, but this exhibition explores her unconventional sculptures and works of clay on canvas.

8/3: Urban Succession Tour
Space 4 Art, East Village
Take a walking tour of the latest installations of the DNA of Creativity Project, public works that combine art with science, and nature with an urban environment (think awesome bird houses for pigeons, or sculptures made to attract insects).

8/3-8/15: “Wet Dreams” By Franky Agostino
Visual, Normal Heights
Spanish-born surrealist painter Franky Agostino will display his latest sensual and oceanic works, including sculptures and painted seashells.

8/2-9/8: “Mayonnaise” By Dan Adams
San Diego Art Institute Museum of the Living Artist, Balboa Park
What separates San Diego artist Dan Adams’ paintings of dogs of the poker-playing variety is the loose, expressionist-inspired brushwork that gives his pooches movement and personality.

8/2-9/8: Ray Street Artists
San Diego Art Institute Museum of the Living Artists, Balboa Park
Artists who create and sell their works on North Park’s Ray Street will be the subject of not only this art show curated by the San Diego Art Department, but also a newly released book that celebrates their success as an art community.

8/5-8/18: Tenant Shows
Space 4 Art, East Village
In addition to its community-based art events, Space 4 Art presents exhibitions for its tenant artists who work and sometimes live at the venue. From August 5 to 11, Eva Strubel and May-ling Martinez will show their work; Josh Aaron will close out the month.

8/7: “Righteous Exploits” By Margaret Noble
San Diego Museum of Art, Balboa Park
Sound artist (not to be confused with “musician”) Margaret Noble creates her art with non-rhythmical noises. Through “Righteous Exploits,” Noble combines her sound compositions with visual projection and readings by herself and Justin Hudnall, executive director of local wordsmiths So Say We all. The performance tells the story of the women in Noble’s family who follow the cyclical path of inadvertently distancing themselves from their children in an attempt to get back at their mothers for doing the same thing to them. Similar performances are scheduled for White Box Theatre in September.

8/7-9/7: “Immortalized: Together Forever: Hot Rod, Pin-Ups and Body Art”
Distinction Art Gallery, Escondido
This collection of hot rod-inspired art from around the world will be auctioned off to raise money for art scholarships for Palomar College students. A pin-up contest and actual hot rods round out the experience.

8/17-8/31: Concrete Jungle
Visual, Normal Heights
Four local street artists take their illegal curbside jive into the gallery for this show, exploring whether their urban edge is lost or found within white walls and amid bright lights. Frank Wallz, Fine Print, Buffalo and RESK 1 will display their art on canvas, panel, found objects and wheat paste posters.

8/27: Pen 2 Paper
Bar Basic, Gaslamp
La Jolla’s Thumbprint Gallery hosts a one-night showcase of pen drawings on notebook-size paper by more than 40 artists who put the best bored-in-class doodles to shame.