All the Right Moves

By Seth Combs

(Published in the November 2010 issue)

For more than 20 years, Malashock Dance has been on the cutting edge of modern dance in San Diego. They’ve collaborated with the Old Globe Theatre and the San Diego Symphony, produced programs for PBS and even won an Emmy Award for the 2003 TV production, Soul of Saturday Night. But according to Malashock artistic director Michael Mizerany, their new production just might be their boldest statement yet.

“If you’ve never seen a Malashock Dance performance before, this is going to be a great introduction,” says Mizerany, who’s producing the new show, Malashock RAW, which opens November 11 at SUSHI Performance and Visual Arts downtown. “And if you have seen Malashock Dance before, you’ve never seen it like this. By RAW, we mean really raw.”

A collaboration between Mizerany, L.A.-based choreographer Bradley Michaud and John Malashock himself, RAW will present three distinct productions that add up to one larger, sexy vision. One of the pieces, entitled “Bad Company,” features two men simulating an extreme fighting cage-match that starts with the fighters being clothed and ends with them wearing nothing but their skivvies.

“The nature of cage-fighting is very physical, and the fighters always end up tangled up together,” says Mizerany. “It can come across as erotic, although it’s not intended to be. I think that’s going to be a ‘whoa’ moment for a lot of the audience.”

Mizerany is mum on the details of the rest of RAW’s performances, but he all but guarantees more “whoa” moments.

“It’s going to be provocative, gritty, sexy and cutting-edge. Trust me, physical and thematic boundaries will be pushed.”