Coburn after reading: Meet San Diego comedian Jordan Coburn


“I will stay in a store the exact amount of time it takes for a salesperson to ask how I’m doing.” — Jordan Coburn on Twitter

In honor of International Women’s Day, PACIFIC is spotlighting San Diego women making waves in traditionally male-dominated fields. One such woman is Jordan Coburn, a local comedian who regularly performs at Mad House Comedy Club in Horton Plaza. Coburn also co-hosts the popular podcast Mueller, She Wrote, which, each week, offers wry insight into the ongoing Special Counsel investigation of our commander in chief.

Hailing from Henderson, Nevada, Coburn has been in San Diego since 2011. She enrolled in a stand-up comedy class in college, and a couple of years later got hired as a server at Mad House, where she soon started entertaining audiences during open-mic nights. Coburn now regularly performs at several venues around the city.

PACIFIC recently chatted with the comedian and here’s what she had to say:

On her comedic inspirations

“I admire Maria Bamford and Janeane Garofalo the most. They both set examples for female comics on and off stage that are appealing to me. They’re smart, honest and true to their own identity, which can be difficult in a historically male-dominated industry.

On being one of San Diego’s few female comedians

“I generally feel very supported by my male peers because comedy here is, for the most part, a meritocracy. If you’re funny, people will respect you. Granted, I think women have a steeper hill to climb in terms of being treated with respect by audience members. For example I had an audience member yell at me while on stage to ‘get on the pole,’ which, given the absence of a pole onstage in the first place, is a non sequitur at best and, in reality, an aggressive and sexually charged expression of discontentment with a woman using her brain and mouth at the same time.”

On her favorite comedy specials

“The first time I ever saw stand-up was when Ellen DeGeneres released Here and Now, so that will always have a special place in my heart. Comedically, Doug Stanhope’s Beer Hall Putsch is one of my favorites. It’s so dark and hilarious; it encourages me to lean into horrifying things and make them funny.”

Catch Jordan onstage Wednesday nights at the Comedy Store in La Jolla and on Saturday, March 9 at the Comedy Palace in Kearny Mesa. And use your favorite podcatcher to subscribe to new episodes of Mueller, She Wrote, which drop every Sunday.

Twitter: @jordansconfused
Instagram: @jordanjustine
Podcast: @muellershewrote

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