Yes, We Can!

Corona_SummerCan 2

Among the myriad brands of beer lining shelves at supermarkets and liquors store, perhaps none evoke a stronger sense of summer than Corona Extra. Popping the cap from a clear glass bottle on a hot day, then sliding a fresh wedge of lime down its narrow neck is a time-honored tradition Americans have engaged in for generations. Now, the beer synonymous with the season is celebrating this connection with a new, limited-edition “Summer Beach” can that promises to deliver drinkers to a carefree state-of-mind - no bottle-opener required.

As America’s No. 1 imported beer for more than two decades, Corona now also ranks as a favorite among Millennials. But despite the brewer’s record-breaking success in recent years, sales of its cans were relatively lackluster compared to the more-iconic bottles. So, in 2015, the brains behind the brand decided to adopt a can-do attitude by making the most of the company’s momentum.

“We took a deep dive into looking at opportunities to continue to grow Corona,” says John Alvarado, the brand’s Vice President of Marketing. “And we said, ‘Wow, we’re really underdeveloped in cans.’ We did have a can at the time, but we realized it wasn’t meeting our consumers’ expectations. They either didn’t know it was on the market, or they thought it looked pretty generic. Either way, it wasn’t living up to the Corona bottle, which carries so much emotional weight in terms of what the brand stands for.”

In May of this year, marking a first for the company, Corona released a limited-edition can, replacing the standard design of its metallic cylinders with a beachy new look reminiscent of island life.

“The inspiration came from a billboard campaign,” says Alvarado. “Our advertising agency came forward with a concept that showed the Summer Beach can design with the headline of A Beach in Every Can. When we saw that, we were like, ‘That’s really powerful.’”

The new Summer Beach can is available (while supplies last) in 12-, 16- and 24-ounce sizes. Alvarado and his team couldn’t be happier.

“The new design stays true to our roots - it’s not about putting out any gimmicks or trying to be something we’re not,” he says. “It’s really just being authentic. And now, when you look at the can design and compare it side-by-side with the bottle, you’ll see that it measures up and lives up to the Corona experience.”

Look for Corona’s new Summer Beach can at stores now, available for a limited time everywhere delicious cans of beer are sold.