Are you Circle worthy?

The Inner Circle

If you’re underwhelmed by the quality of matches cropping up in your default dating apps, an innovative European startup wants to help you meet your perfect partner... but you’ll have to see if you can make the cut first...

Developed in the Netherlands in 2013 and launched in the U.S. three years later, The Inner Circle takes a fresh approach to dating apps by using humans—not algorithms—to provide users with a selection of high-quality and like-minded singles.

The Inner Circle

The exact criteria the Inner Circle uses to make this determination is a company secret, but factors such as job title and education level play a role. Roughly half of all applicants won’t make the cut, which has led some people to call out the selective dating app for embracing elitism. In reality, though, The Inner Circle isn’t filled with egotistical A-listers, but with creatives and adventurous singles from all walks of life. The screening process merely ensures that everyone in the community is who they say they are, which eliminates the deluge douchebags and catfishers who seem to dominate many other dating apps.

In stark contrast to these other swipe-centric dating apps, singletons are encouraged to list their favorite cities, hangouts and activities, which the Inner Circle team then uses to narrow down the prospective partners it presents. It’s the company’s philosophy that by connecting users with similar interests and backgrounds, they’ll be far more likely to hit it off.

Profiles on the Inner Circle can also help singles envision what a first date with a prospective partner might be like. The “Who’s up for...” feature allows members to suggest creative ideas for an initial outing and immediately start chatting with anyone interested in that activity.

The Inner Circle

Another area where the Inner Circle stands out from the competition, though, is with the app’s monthly events at some of the hottest destinations on the planet. By hosting exclusive meetups at high-end bars, theatre events and unique locations across Europe and North America, the Inner Circle provides the perfect place to for members to mingle face-to-face. Recent events have taken place at breathtaking venues in Stockholm, Paris, Los Angeles and London, where many online relationships turned into offline ones. But with events happening in almost every city they’re open in, an exciting singles night out is never far away…

The Inner Circle is committed to helping ambitious, like-minded people find true, long-lasting love. The company’s unique approach to limiting its community helps keep the focus on the quality of your matches, not the quantity of them. Thousands of members have already found meaningful relationships through the Inner Circle. Could you be next?


The Inner Circle

If you’re looking to upgrade your online dating game, download the Inner Circle app today, and find out if you’ve got what it takes to be a member.

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