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If you think your tushy’s too squishy or your rump’s too plump, one of San Diego’s prominent physicians can help you feel more confident about baring your derrière. And unlike many other modern procedures, his breakthrough technique doesn’t require painful incisions or a prolonged recovery. Instead, Dr. Alex Roher, M.D. employs ice-cold temperatures to give his clients the hot cabooses they crave. 


An alumnus of the University of Arizona, Dr. Roher began performing cosmetic procedures during his residency in 2010. In late 2012, he opened SDBotox, an aesthetic medical practice with locations in Hillcrest and Pacific Beach. Specializing in minimally invasive procedures – including Botox, dermal fillers and lasers – SDBotox takes a different approach from many clinics in the industry. 

“Instead of offering every aesthetic treatment possible,” says Dr. Roher, “we're highly selective and make sure we achieve a level of mastery at one procedure before exploring another.”  

Today, Dr. Roher is proud to his announce his practice’s latest cosmetic offering: Coolsculpting, the most revolutionary thing to happen to rear ends since Sir Mix-a-Lot’s Baby Got Back

“Coolsculpting is a completely non-invasive treatment for getting rid of excess body fat,” says Dr. Roher. “As the name implies, the Coolsculpting machine uses freezing temperature to selectively kill fat cells.” 

Dr. Roher further explains precisely how the Coolsculpting device works its magic.  

“The patient identifies an area on his or her body that bothers them, then we connect the machine to that area and let it run for 35 minutes,” he says. “The skin feels cold for about five minutes but is usually completely numb for the next 30 minutes. Afterward, we massage the area and connect the machine to the next trouble spot. And that’s it.” 

Coolsculpting’s not just for hindquarters.  

“This machine has been studied in over 100 peer-reviewed controlled trials,” says Dr. Roher, “and it has FDA approval for fat reduction in the abdomen, love handles, thighs, arms and double chin. Most patients see a 20 to 25-percent reduction in fat in the treated area within one to three months, and it works so well that many of our patients return for treatments in other areas.” 

To learn more about Coolsculpting, call Dr. Roher’s office to schedule a complimentary consultation. It may proved to be the best booty call you ever make. 


3900 Fifth Ave., Ste. 140, Hillcrest 
1707 Grand St., Pacific Beach 


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