The Latest Dish - Harney Sushi

Harney Sushi is San Diego’s premier sushi bar and restaurant experience - as fresh as it gets, as imaginative as you want. This is a place where experimentation mixes with celebration, where fine-dining service and knowledge fuse with beaming personality and style. Besides having San Diego’s only sake bar, Harney boasts more than 50 award-winning wines, 40 of the world’s best sakes, a private VIP booth and more than 35 gourmet specialty rolls named and created by loyalists. Embracing the principles of sustainability, community, great times and uncompromising quality allows for a genuine dining experience. Harney Sushi provides that unique experience and an aesthetic that separates the truly progressive and stylish from the mere imitators.

HARNEY SUSHI | 3964 Harney St., Old Town | 619.295.3272  or 301 Mission Ave., Oceanside | 760.967.1820 |