The Latest Dish - Farmer’s Bottega

Farmer’s Bottega is transforming the “farm-to-fork” culinary trend into a necessity that’s here to stay. Staying true to his Sicilian roots, owner/executive chef Alberto Morreale has created a unique menu, blending traditional Italian and Modern-American cuisines into one-of-a-kind dishes. “Food doesn’t need to be complicated, but it’s important to know where it comes from,” says Morreale, who dedicates his time to finding fresh, organic produce from local farms as well as cage- and hormone-free meats. Open for breakfast, lunch and dinner, Farmer’s Bottega offers a unique menu and inventive libations, including an expansive list of wines from sunup to sundown. The intimate eatery’s vintage décor creates a rustic ambiance like that of a real farmhouse. From a treadle sewing machine to a 40-year-old table top recovered from the ocean, warm details radiate authenticity. Edison bulbs dimly glowing from iron chandeliers, along with hollowed wine barrels, produce a warm, welcoming atmosphere.

FARMER’S BOTTEGA | 860 W. Washington St., Mission Hills | 619.458.9929 |