The Latest Dish - Burger Lounge

Burger Lounge connects the dining public with food producers who cultivate great-tasting ingredients that honor the body and the planet. This authenticity feeds right to the menu, where grass-fed beef is the centerpiece. Establishing meaningful partnerships with grass-fed-beef ranchers and other suppliers has been integral to Burger Lounge’s business model from the beginning. The locally owned company sources from family ranchers whose best practices and authenticity result in a truly fabulous beef flavor - and knows where and how the cattle are raised, what they eat and how they are treated. Exemplifying the Burger Lounge ethos, “to do a common thing uncommonly well,” the Alaskan Cod sandwich (pictured) takes familiar food and elevates it through the use of superior ingredients and cooking techniques. Burger Lounge operates 19 locations in Southern California and one in Las Vegas.

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