High Society Comes Alive at THE LOT La Jolla

THE LOT La Jolla is a favorite among members of high society, with its gourmet menu items, unique cocktails and all-around luxurious movie-going experience. Now, it reaches further by welcoming the Cinema Society and the film Café Society, making it a match made in silver screen heaven.

THE LOT La Jolla has been chosen as the 2016-2017 host of the Cinema Society of San Diego. Members of the Cinema Society will enjoy private screenings of the top mainstream and independent studio releases, from classics to modern offerings, in upscale comfort at THE LOT La Jolla. Want in? Email for information on society membership.

Speaking of societies, legendary director Woody Allen’s latest film, Café Society, is now showing in limited release at THE LOT La Jolla. Allen is known for bringing quirky, memorable characters to life in his decades-long career. Available in only 40 theatres nation-wide (and only three in San Diego county!), the film stars luminaries like Parker Posey, Jesse Eisenberg, Steve Carell, Kristen Stewart and Blake Lively.