Fantasy draft

CX Draft Pint Glass (1)

Get ready to feel a draft as the country’s bestselling imported beer breaks free of the bottle and arrives on tap after nearly 40 years.

Since arriving in the U.S. in 1979, Corona Extra has established itself as the Mexican beer of choice for millions of Americans, and the brand’s iconic clear-glass bottles have become as synonymous with Cinco de Mayo (and summer and beach and sun) as pints of Guinness are with St. Patty’s Day.

Yet, all this time, those eager to quench their thirst with Corona could imbibe it only from bottles, as the pilsner-style lager has never been available in kegs... until now.

“Even though Corona’s the largest imported beer in the United States, and second-best-selling beer in California, it was the only brand among the country’s top 50 beers not available on draft,” says Andrew Robsham, Constellation Brand’s Draft Manager, who oversees Corona’s draft sales and distribution in California and seven other western states.

Now that tap handles for the quintessential cerveza are appearing at bars throughout San Diego, Corona’s days of dodging the draft are in the past. And the timing couldn’t be better - the statewide rollout kicked off April 17, just in time for one of the biggest beer-drinking holidays of the year.

“When people think of Cinco de Mayo,” says Robsham, “they typically think of drinking a Corona. And with the Fifth being on a Friday this year, and a big boxing match on Saturday, the stars aligned for us to launch Corona on draft during Cinco de Mayo.”

Fans of Corona can expect the draft version to have the same crisp taste, golden hue and malty aroma they love - plus the drink’s signature slice of lime - but there will be one noticeable twist.

“Corona on draft will be served in what we call the ‘Mexican Water’ glass,” says Robsham. “It’s a traditional, hand-blown, Mexican cylindrical glass. On the rim, it says, ‘This space is reserved for lips and limes.’”

¡Pour, favor!