Como Ceviche! brings fresh flavor & fish to East Village

Como Ceviche! (Courtesy photo)

There’s a new way to eat fresh in San Diego. The fast-casual eatery Como Ceviche!, which just opened in East Village, offers an impressive lineup of authentic ceviche dishes inspired by Peruvian, Mexican and Cuban cuisine. It’s the newest restaurant from the Rise + Shine Restaurant Group, joining the wildly popular Fig Tree Café and Breakfast Republic.

At Como Ceviche!, Rise + Shine Restaurant Group founder Johan Engman is trying something new. Instead of the pancakes and scrambles with unique twists that Fig Tree Café and Breakfast Republic are known for, Como Ceviche! serves up fresh seafood salads, bowls and wraps.

“Fresh and natural raw ingredients are used to make ceviche bowls and wraps that are individually prepared by hand,” said William Lopez, co-founder. “We serve up pure specialties from the sea and land, expertly combined into medleys of color and flavor that are irresistibly unique and unforgettably delicious.”

All of the seafood-fish, calamari, octopus and shrimp-is the freshest available, locally-sourced and responsibly-caught.

Lopez and Engman worked closely with Rise & Shine’s corporate chefs, Cesar Garcia and Guillermo Tovar to develop the menu. “Johan and I have traveled around the globe together and developed this concept from our culinary trips,” Lopez said.

Guests can choose from two Peruvian styles (Rocoto and Aji Amarillo), two Mexican styles (Baja and Sinaloa-Aguachile), tropical Caribbean and coconut Cuban. Peruvian ceviches are served with sweet potato, cancha and choclo, with Mexican variations are paired with lemon-spiced tortilla chips. The Caribbean and Cuban versions come with sweet potato and plantain chips.

A vegan option, made with cauliflower, red onion, cilantro, tomato, cucumber, serrano pepper, lime and orange, is also available. Lopez said they’re also planning to offer a monthly special that highlights a region not on the current menu. “We wanted to pay homage to ceviche and how various regions put their twist on this very versatile dish,” he said.

For Lopez, who also runs Alternative Strategies, a local marketing agency, opening the restaurant with Engman is a new venture. He took charge of the branding and design for the space: “I’ve had a hand in helping some of my restaurant clients with design input, yet it was very different designing our own restaurant. I enjoyed the process,” he said.

Como Ceviche! is 11 a.m. to 9 p.m. Sunday through Thursday and until 10 p.m. Friday and Saturday.

317 Tenth Ave., East Village.

Source: Discover SD