Birthdays, Booze and Bootlegger

When’s the last time you went to a fifth birthday party that included booze? Bootlegger is turning 5 and they know the best way to celebrate any birthday is with cocktails. That’s why they’re combining their fifth birthday with their second annual Cocktail Bonanza.

Bootleggers’ Birthday Cocktail Bonanza (in partnership with Woodford Reserve) is a competition for local bartenders to see who can create the best Manhattan cocktail. Winner gets a $1,000 grand prize and is automatically entered into the Woodford Reserve Manhattan experience annual cocktail competition.

Located in East Village, Bootlegger is known as a neighborhood bar with great drink specials, gourmet food menu and a friendly staff. They’ve been happy to be part of East Village’s bar scene for the past five years.

Tickets and more info here.