Arby’s goes vegetarian for Leap Day

Arby’s Leap Day vegetarian menu (/ @Arbys)

In honor of Leap Day, Arby’s has flipped its roast beef-filled menu for items that contain nothing but veggies, cheese and meatless products.

Arby’s Leap Day

We’ve released our brand new meatless menu for #LeapDay: - Arby’s (@Arbys) February 29, 2016


“At Arby’s, we’re proud of our meats, but we also understand that meat isn’t for everyone,” Rob Lynch, Chief Marketing Officer and Brand President of Arby’s Restaurant Group, said via statement.

“So we’ve decided to give vegetarians a reason to visit Arby’s on Leap Day by offering a one-day menu designed specifically for them. If it goes well, we’ll likely bring back the vegetarian menu on Feb. 29 each year.”

Arby’s without meat

@Arbys just a bun. My favorite - Alicia (@lwtftphan) February 29, 2016


Statement aside, the company swears the promotion is not a joke, even with the vegetarian menu items costing the same as their meat-heavy equivalents.

If you are a vegetarian and would like to visit Arby’s for the first time, here’s a (partial) list of restaurants in the area:

Hello, Arby’s

In my 25 years of living, I have NEVER stepped foot in an Arby’s. - HaaaaNNN (@iNeeedMoneyy) February 29, 2016


Arby’s: 6225 Mission Gorge Rd.

Arby’s: 7110 Clairemont Mesa Blvd.

Arby’s: 3777 Midway Dr.

Arby’s: 1770 Rosecrans St.

Arby’s: 12136 Woodside Ave.

Arby’s: 5341 Jackson Dr.

Arby’s: Parkway Plaza

Arby’s: 1280 W San Marcos Blvd.

Source: DiscoverSD