Women + whiskey: Meet a bartender who says you don’t know jack until you meet her gentlemen

Sonja - Gentleman Jack
Bartender Sonja Benavides of The Office Bar shows off The New Girl made with Gentleman Jack. (Advertisement)

The Jack Daniel’s Distillery was established in 1866. Now, 150 years later, meet the San Diego women who are making whiskey history.

Bartender: Sonja Benavides

Venue: The Office Bar

Where are you from?

What’s awesome about The Office Bar?
It’s a great neighborhood bar with no gimmicks or pretense. We have a great live music program and DJs every night of the week. So, anytime you stop by, there’s something going on. We also have the best happy hour.

What cocktail are you making today?
It’s called The New Girl - Gentleman Jack, Coochi Rose and Amaro Nonino with orange zest and luxardo cherry, and dash Aztec Chocolate Bitters.

What do you love about whiskey?
Whiskey is a great sipping spirit, but is also great with food.

When did you become a whiskey lover?
I first started trying more whiskey when I lived and worked in the industry in San Francisco. The city has tons of great restaurants, and whiskey cocktails always added to the food. 

What advice do you have for whiskey newbies?

Go slow. Whiskey is meant to be sipped slowly, with food or on its own. It can hit you hard, if you are not used to it.

The Office Bar, 3936 30th St., North Park, 619.450.6632,



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