Former manager tried to rob pizza shop with fake gun

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A Massachusetts pizza shop was reportedly robbed by a former employee January 30. Thirty-year-old Sean Coulson allegedly attempted to rob Northeast Pizza in Barre, Massachusetts, where he was formerly a manager, while wearing a mask and threatening pizzeria staff with a fake gun.

The Worcester Telegram reports that around 8:30 p.m. Coulson allegedly demanded cash and tussled with employees, one of whom claims that Coulson hit him. The former manager almost made off with $165 before employees and reportedly a customer, were able to pin him to the ground until police arrived.

When police removed Coulson's disguise, employees were able to identify him as a former manager according to local news channel WCVB. Although Coulson claimed that the robbery was meant to be a joke, and his gun was proven to be fake, Sgt. William Recos of Barre police told The Telegram, "He jumped over the counter and demanded money," Sgt. Recos said. "We don't think that was a joke."

A restaurant surveillance camera was able to capture the terrifying event.

According to multiple outlets, Coulson was charged with armed robbery while masked, assault and battery with a dangerous weapon, three counts of assault and battery and other charges. Think that sounds insane? Check out the 9 most memorable crimes that happened in fast food restaurants.

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