Our 50 Best Burger Recipes

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With grilling season well and truly upon us, homemade burgers have become a regular part of our weekend diet. Store-bought burger patties are more often than not a disappointment, and we're not willing to eat even one bad burger this summer. This is why we've pulled together our 50 best burger recipes for you to make and enjoy in 2018. Ranging from tried and tested classic cheeseburgers to wildly extravagant mac and cheese-stuffed burgers to exotic, spicy kimchi burgers, there are definitely recipes here to suit every taste.

Our 50 Best Burger Recipes

There are many ways of defining "best," and this year we've selected these recipes based entirely on taste. After all, what are we looking for in a burger if not a flavor-packed patty sandwiched between a gently toasted bun, covered in all our favorite toppings and condiments? The wide range of burgers in this list of our top 50 demonstrates, however, that there's no singular flavor profile we're looking for in a burger:

Make sure you spend some time this grilling season focusing on your burgers. Don't be tempted to just throw those patties from a package straight onto the grill; there are so many tastier options. We promise you'll always regret not having put in a little more effort to make a meal which is infinitely more delicious. So make some room in your refrigerator for tons of fresh ground meats, veggies, and of course buns, and be sure to check out these our 50 best burger recipes.

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