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Jarnard Sutton is a music enthusiast, food lover, beer drinker and musician. He can be found going to local concerts or at a local bar. He is a North Carolina native who started working in the media industry in 2006. He writes music content, edits video, shoots video and produces content for DiscoverSD.com. He was a producer and writer for U-T San Diego's entertainment show called Night & Day. Jarnard is also the owner and host of his own website called The Nardcast, which focuses on local music, food, events and entertainment. Sutton graduated with a degree in Mass Communications with concentrations in Audio Recording and Video Broadcasting from Barton College.

Recent Articles

  • Mixology 619: Prawn Star

    Mixology 619: Prawn Star

    Most people don't need a specific time during the day to enjoy a classic Bloody Mary, which generally contains vodka, tomato juice and a combination of veggies. The folks over at Cafe 21, located in both the Gaslamp and University Heights , have created their own version of the Bloody Mary that...

  • Mixology 619: Slo Mo Fizz

    Mixology 619: Slo Mo Fizz

    JRDN, an upscale surf 'n' turf spot located inside Tower23 Hotel in Pacific Beach , is the perfect spot for dining and exploring the numerous options for libations. Watch as the lead bartender Armando Garcia makes this creamy, gin-based cocktail, Slo Mo Fizz. Did you grow up in San Diego? I did...

  • Mixology 619: Tongue Twister

    Mixology 619: Tongue Twister

      Blue Ocean Robata and Sushi Bar is one of the newest additions to Carlsbad Village, serving up sushi, robata-grilled eats and refreshing cocktails in the bar lounge. This week, we're taking a look at a sweet-and-sour, refreshing cocktail made at Blue Ocean with Triple Sec, Yuzu, Citron Absolut...

  • Mixology 619: Trencher

    Mixology 619: Trencher

      The 6,000-square-foot lively eatery OB Warehouse, located in the heart of Ocean Beach , offers diverse global dishes and handcrafted, warehouse-themed cocktails. One of the most refreshing drinks, the Trencher, is a must-try peanut-infused bourbon whiskey mix. Watch as the bartender of OB Warehouse,...

  • Mixology 619: Java the Hutt

    Mixology 619: Java the Hutt

      If you're looking for a smooth and silky cocktail inspired by the newest installment of "Star Wars," then this cocktail is definitely for you. Java the Hutt has a hint of chocolate and goes down smooth. The next time you're at barleymash, be sure to try this cocktail, an adult coffee complete...

  • Mixology 619: Outlaw Heart

    Mixology 619: Outlaw Heart

    The Brew Project, located in Hillcrest , is the spot to check out if you're looking for local brews, spirits, wine and gourmet eats. They have an extensive list of brews and cocktails, but the drink that everyone is talking about now is the smoky, spirit forward cocktail, Outlaw Heart. Watch as...

  • Mixology 619: Noggin' Boots

    Mixology 619: Noggin' Boots

      If you're looking for a winter cocktail, head over to Sycamore Den, an upscale neighborhood bar in Normal Heights . Sycamore Den specializes in tiki-style cocktails as well as traditional cocktails. For a creamy, coffee-inspired whiskey dessert cocktail that tastes like chocolate milk, the Noggin'...

  • Mixology 619: The Daiquiri

    Mixology 619: The Daiquiri

      If you're looking for the perfect cocktail for the holidays, then look no further than the classic American comfort food eatery, Urban Solace, in North Park . The Daiquiri cocktail offers a rich thickness and a sweet lime taste that will have you saying "It's key lime pie in a glass!" Watch as...

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