Amber Mesker


Amber Mesker is a California girl who loves playing in the sun and telling inappropriate jokes. Somehow in between the beer bongs and toga parties she managed to earn a Broadcast Journalism degree from Colorado State University. She then worked in the crazy radio industry in Denver for over six years while also hosting Comcast's On Demand programming, broadcast to over six million homes. A few years ago she left the snow to move back to her hometown of San Diego. She is currently a lifestyle and entertainment reporter for both Discover SD and UT-TV online informing people about Hollywood news, fashion, fitness and weekend events in sunny San Diego.

Recent Articles

  • Kickass Entrepreneur: Luxuria PR

    Kickass Entrepreneur: Luxuria PR

    Jamie Reyes and Claudia Huizar met at San Diego State University on their first day of college in 2008. The young, vibrant girls were both pursuing a degree in Journalism with an emphasis in Public Relations. They spent the next four years studying hard and taking in as much information as they...

  • Kickass Entrepreneur: The Brew Project

    Kickass Entrepreneur: The Brew Project

    Beau Schmitt and Mike Sill are University of San Diego alumni, hip hop fans and have an incredible passion for craft beer. Their career experience is not only what brought them together, but also what makes them an incredible team. Schmitt has consulted for and designed five bars in San Diego as...

  • Kickass Entrepreneur: Freedom Boat Club of San Diego

    Kickass Entrepreneur: Freedom Boat Club of San Diego

    Dan Hasbrouck has a license to fly in the sky, but little did he know, his future was a boat company on the sea. Hasbrouck grew up in Sarasota, Florida, where he went to college and later to flight school for helicopters. After graduating, he and his wife made the decision to move to Encinitas...

  • Kickass Entrepreneur: Function First

    Kickass Entrepreneur: Function First

    Anthony Carey has a passion for health, fitness and people. Having a master's degree in biomechanics and athletic training, Carey realized there was something missing in the world of corrective exercise and that there should be other options for those who had pain and were not getting help from...

  • Kickass Entrepreneur: JinBuCha

    Kickass Entrepreneur: JinBuCha

    Jing Chen's childhood was anything but ordinary. She grew up in China until she was 8 years old, and then traveled to Perth, Brooklyn and finally landed in Chicago where her family ran a Chinese restaurant. It was at this time when Chen realized she loved being in the kitchen and learned as much...

  • Kickass Entrepreneur: J Public Relations

    Kickass Entrepreneur: J Public Relations

    Don't let her warm smile and amazing fashion sense fool you, Jamie Sigler is every bit a #girlboss and will stop at nothing to make sure her clients and her 50-person team always get the best. Entrepreneurship runs in Sigler's family and even from a young age, she loved all things media and had...

  • Kickass Entrepreneur: David Schiffman

    Kickass Entrepreneur: David Schiffman

    From an early age, David Schiffman knew he wanted be an owner in the nightlife scene, but understood he had to do the work and learn as much as he could first. So that's exactly what he did when he moved to Florida to work at a nightclub called the Coliseum. He started working security and paid...

  • Kickass Entrepreneur: Dover Honing Co.

    Kickass Entrepreneur: Dover Honing Co.

    His name is Alyasha Owerka-Moore, and he is more than just a business owner. He is a clothing designer, a brand ambassador for PF Flyers and a true pioneer in street style apparel. Owerka-Moore has lived in East Village for more than 15 years where he became friends with his neighbor Arsalun Tafazoli...