Xena the stolen dog returned to rescue group

Xena, the 1-year-old Jack Russell/Chihuahua mix stolen from a dog rescue group at an adoption event Saturday at Grossmont Center, has been found.

A woman in Santee emailed St. Paco’s Second Chance Dog Rescue on Wednesday morning in response to an article she saw in The San Diego Union-Tribune about the missing dog.

The email, according to Kathleen Orozco, a volunteer for the rescue group, said: “I saw your article in the paper regarding Xena. I have her, she is in a nice, loving, caring home with lots of attention and care. Plus she’s with another doggy that she absolutely loves. Please call me at the number below to discuss Xena further. Thank you.”

Orozco called the woman, who told her there had been some confusion at the event, and she did not wait to fill out the group’s required form to foster and then possibly adopt Xena.

Orozco told her that she had not gone about fostering and/or adopting correctly and said the dog must be returned.

Another St. Paco’s volunteer went to Santee to pick Xena up from the home, Orozco said. The dog was in good condition and happy to see the volunteer, she said.

St. Paco’s is a dog rescue group out of Golden Hill that focuses on saving dogs found wandering the streets of Mexico.

The dog was part of hundreds of animals at the fourth annual Santa Paws MEGA Adoption Event at the mall. More than 20 groups looking to adopt out dogs, cats, turtles, tortoises and birds had several hundred animals available at the event.

Orozco said that Xena had been taken while one of the volunteers for the organization was speaking with another potential adopter.

Orozco said the St. Paco’s volunteer was heartbroken when she turned around and noticed that the dog was missing.

Orozco said that the group will not press charges against the woman.

Orozco had been fostering Xena for the past four months. The pup, rescued from the streets of Rosarito, “is a real sweetie,” Orozco said. “She’s one that’s real quiet and very loving.”

The group typically charges $300 to $350 in adoption fees, which includes all medical needs including vaccinations, spay/neuter and microchipping.

Xena will be available for adoption this weekend along with more than a dozen other dogs from St. Paco’s at La Mesa’s Holiday in the Village, she said.


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