Kiss My Glass: Sharing her bounty with San Diego

Logan Mitchell, who runs Collins & Coupe with her husband Gary McIntire, talks about how Cellar Door supper club came to be, the growth of El Cajon Boulevard, the importance of dining for the experience and balancing her passions with her day job.


“It’s not about making money for us at all.”

For Logan Mitchell, the payoff of being a small business owner isn’t the paycheck. From owning a bartending supply shop to hosting a private supper club, the Normal Heights resident has her hand in many pots in the San Diego culinary world. (And if that’s not enough, she also has a day job.)

Coined Collins & Coupe, Mitchell runs the bartending supply shop in North Park with her husband Gary McIntire. The El Cajon Boulevard storefront, filled with vintage trinkets acquired by the couple throughout the years, was inspired by Los Angeles-based liquor store Bar Keeper. Though plans of selling booze may be on the horizon, the shelves are currently stocked with a wide range of non-alcoholic items ranging from local mixers to antique glassware.

The aforementioned supper club, Cellar Door, is an eight-year-old venture that combines Mitchell’s cooking talents and McIntire’s bartending skills. The duo run the operation out of their home in Normal Heights to offer locals an intimate dining experience.

Though holding multiple gigs can be a challenge, Mitchell said she loves that San Diegans are finding ways to make money that also makes them happy. The Northern California native thinks there is room for everyone in the city due to the supportive community and abundance of opportunity, which is only continuing to grow.

Mitchell recently stopped by the PACIFIC office to record an episode of Kiss My Glass. Here’s what she and host Edwin Real talked about in the podcast:

  • The history of Collins & Coupe
  • Carrying local hardware and consumable products
  • The best-selling item of 2018
  • Her working relationship with Ram Udwin of Boy Drinks World
  • Balancing day jobs or side hustles with passion projects
  • Why San Diego is full of opportunity and growth
  • Collaborating with local businesses for events and parties
  • The evolving reputation of El Cajon Boulevard
  • Strut the Boulevard’s community debut in June
  • Tiger!Tiger! and Lips’ influence on North Park
  • The gay community in San Diego
  • Why she and McIntire started Cellar Door
  • Mitchell’s past cooking experience
  • The importance of dining for the experience
  • Other supper clubs in San Diego
  • The history of Walton Lemon Farm in San Marcos
  • Why it is critical to educate kids and families about organic food
  • Working with nonprofit organization Kitchens for Good

Kiss My Glass is a collaboration between PACIFIC and Facebook group Eating and Drinking in San Diego. The podcast is hosted on the U-T Podcast Network.

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