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As founder and owner (along with his wife Dande) of Bagby Beer Company in Oceanside, Jeff Bagby’s business mind is always on — but that’s where he thrives.

Jeff has been a part of the San Diego beer scene for more than 20 years. His career started with Stone Brewing (working alongside Kiss My Glass guest Lee Chase), which then took him to White Labs, before he went to Pizza Port Solana Beach. His time with the Pizza Port name saw him take on the head brewer role at Pizza Port Carlsbad as well as head of all brewpub operations for the company.

With an eye toward running his own brewery, the Oceanside location became a reality when it opened its doors in September of 2014.

Bagby Beer now brews about 1,200 barrels a year, which is just shy of ⅓ of its max yearly capacity. At the moment, with no outside distributor actively working to push Bagby Beer into the market, 90% of the brewery’s suds are distributed on site.

On this episode of Kiss My Glass, Jeff sat down with host Edwin Real of the Facebook group Eating and Drinking In San Diego where they touched upon a host of topics including:

  • Started at Stone Brewing with Steve Wagner & Lee Chase
  • Why open in Oceanside and North County?
  • Supporting local businesses in Oceanside
  • Will Bagby Beer expand outside of Oceanside?
  • Brewing 1,200 barrels a year, room to brew up to 3,500 barrels a year
  • Finding a reason to bring breweries together for special collabs
  • Unleashing his creativity at Port Brewing
  • The growth of the San Diego craft beer industry
  • Maintaining the level of high quality that San Diego is known for
  • Achieving rock star status
  • What it means to win medals
  • Ask people for honest feedback and the importance of peer review
  • Basing beers on classic styles
  • Readying Oktoberfest beers
  • Overseas collaborations

Kiss My Glass is a collaboration between PACIFIC and Facebook group Eating and Drinking In San Diego.

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