Kiss My Glass: From homebrewing to port-side pints


Dennis Borlek, a San Diego native, has a unique work history and connection to the city. Throughout his diverse work experience, the industry that stuck with him the most was beer and food.

He currently owns Fathom Bistro, Bait and Tackle on Shelter Island. Considered by some insiders as one of San Diego’s best kept secrets, since its debut five and half years ago, Fathom has amassed only 207 Yelp reviews. Compare that to other new restaurants who get that number in a few months, it seems Fathom thrives on curious wanderers and word of mouth.

In this episode of Kiss My Glass, Edwin Real from the Facebook group Eating and Drinking In San Diego talks with Borlek about:

  • Playing in a band and drinking free beer with Carnivorous Lunar Activity
  • All the bars he’s helped pour, open and name— there’s a lot
  • Homebrewing with his former roommate Vinnie Cilurzo (yup, the co-founder of Russian River Brewing) and serving up Danger Brothers Brewery
  • The different events hosted at Fathom Bistro
  • Why and how he got the “underutilized port property” in Point Loma for his restaurant
  • Keeping the business on the down-low
  • Trailblazers in the San Diego restaurant industry
  • Places he frequents around San Diego for food and drinks

Kiss My Glass is a collaboration between PACIFIC and Facebook group Eating and Drinking in San Diego.

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