Kiss My Glass: The thoughtfulness of taking care of somebody


Host Edwin Real eats a lot of food, but in this episode of Kiss My Glass, he lays his cards on the table saying his best meal of the year came from the pop-up dinner series called Tortoise.

A force behind the success of the monthly dinner series is Jason O’Bryan, who is also the Bar Manager at Lion’s Share, the restaurant that sits below the space where Tortoise is hosted.

It was one particular afternoon of fine dining in New York that set O’Bryan on a mission to create a similar experience in San Diego, where he said, aside from Addison in Del Mar (where his wife is a sommelier), the city is lacking high-end restaurants. Thus, Tortoise was born.

With the launch of the monthly dining series Tortoise, O’Bryan and his team pay as much attention to the customer experience as they do to the thoughtful seasonal menu.

We recently sat down with The Lion’s Share bar manager where he discussed the following:

  • Launching Tortoise
  • Seeking out The Lion’s Share
  • Lack of top notch dining experiences around San Diego
  • Thoughtful attention to detail in the service industry
  • “All my cocktails are operating at the limit of my current experience.”
  • Putting it all together: Flavor, glass, presentation
  • Favorite spirit to drink
  • How the kitchen influences cocktail menu development
  • Getting his start in San Diego food and beverage industry
  • Rising to the level of the people that came before
  • Master sommelier controversy
  • #WifeBrag
  • Where to go for cocktails
  • Eating and drinking around Normal Heights
  • Lion Share’s 7th anniversary
  • Upcoming dates for Tortoise dinner club
  • New cocktail menu release at Lion Share

Kiss My Glass is a collaboration between PACIFIC and Facebook group Eating and Drinking in San Diego. The podcast is hosted on the U-T Podcast Network.

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