Dish It Up: ‘Bring the sake to the people’


Before many San Diegans wake up, Anthony Pascale, owner of Saiko Sushi, is likely making a trip to the docks for the catch of the day. Pascale attributes his sushi journey to being at the wrong place at the wrong time, but he ultimately found a passion in serving San Diego fresh and local Japanese cuisine.

In this episode of Dish It Up, Pascale and host Edwin Real dive into a discussion about all things sushi and sake, some of which include:

  • The original Saiko being local-centric while in a notorious tourist destination
  • Sake pairing well with any food, not just sushi
  • Pascale’s advanced certification in sake (an accolade very few have in San Diego)
  • Making sake accessible and approachable for people
  • A fresh and local approach to sushi-making
  • Where Pascale enjoys sushi in San Diego
  • The future of sushi and pushing the boundaries

Dish It Up is a collaboration between PACIFIC and Facebook group Eating and Drinking In San Diego.

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