Dish It Up: The only rule is to have fun


Rob Graff loves talking about cheese so much that he has dubbed himself the Professor of Cheese, which comes into play with his course through San Diego’s Venissimo Cheese called “Academy of Cheese,” as well as many local events and trips to major cheese destinations such as Vermont and Italy.

As the Professor of Cheese, Graff is all about taking the snobbiness out of cheese not only in his “Academy of Cheese“ course, but at the four Venissimo Cheese shops (founded by Gina and Roger Freize) around San Diego, as well.

With two cheese in hand, Graff stopped by the PACIFIC office studio in downtown San Diego to talk about making his way into the business, getting over his fear of public speaking and the story and human element behind the creamy, hard, stinky, soft, crumbly food.

During episode 8 of Dish It Up, here’s what to look forward to:

  • Getting into the cheese business
  • Following his passion
  • Starting the Academy of Cheese in 2009
  • Getting over a fear of public speaking, by putting down the papers and just speaking from the heart
  • The story and human element of cheese
  • Growing cheese education on traveling tours
  • Touring the Piedmont region in Italy
  • The mecca of truffles
  • Touring Vermont with Venissimo in September 2018
  • Planting the seed for future events

Dish It Up is a collaboration between PACIFIC and Facebook group Eating and Drinking In San Diego.

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