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When asked recently what his favorite ingredient is to cook with, chef Brad Wise of Trust and Hundred Proof proclaimed butter. While the luscious dairy product is nothing to frown upon, it is a rather simple ingredient compared to the complex food and flavors the New Jersey-born chef creates.

Wise, who was the only chef to make PACIFIC’s Chain of Gourmand in both 2016 and 2017 (for his ricotta agnolotti and wood-grilled lamb meatballs), believes in surrounding himself with good people. He practices what he preaches and makes sure to check his ego in the kitchen — and the same goes for his staff — always acknowledging that, in the end, they’re in it for the guests.

Executive chef Brad Wise's Ricotta Agnolotti (sun chokes, black garlic streusel, black truffle, panna, basil) at Trust.

Executive chef Brad Wise’s Ricotta Agnolotti (sun chokes, black garlic streusel, black truffle, panna, basil) at Trust.

(Eduardo Contreras / San Diego Union-Tribune)

In this episode of Dish It Up, Wise sat down with host Edwin Real of Facebook group Eating and Drinking San Diego and dished about:

  • Making his way to the kitchen, from Jersey boy to JRDN and eventually a multiple-restaurant owner.
  • Scratch making everything at Trust
  • Making kick-ass charcuterie boards, thanks to the acquisition of a cure box
  • Getting truly local ingredients in San Diego
  • In the end, we’re in it for the guests
  • Take time to listen to people
  • “Everyone loves Mariah Carey, let’s be honest”
  • Thoughts on San Diego’s evolving food scene
  • Reasons why San Diego still doesn’t have the upper echelon of dining
  • Incorporating San Diego’s “liquid city” reputation into menus
  • “We are investing in people”
  • Leadership in the kitchen
  • From a Philly boy, where to get a legit Philly Cheesesteak (and Whiz)

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Chef-owner Brad Wise. (Eduardo Contreras/Union-Tribune)
(Eduardo Contreras / San Diego Union-Tribune)

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