Dish It Up: ‘I feel like my brain has exploded’

Lori Sauer
Pastry Chef Lori Sauer at Crafted Baked Goods in Liberty Public Market.

Pastry chef Lori Sauer is busy to say the least. From the one-oven Crafted Baked Goods kitchen, she supplies sweets for the full Blue Bridge Hospitality portfolio of restaurants around San Diego.

A little sweet and a little Sauer — that appropriately describes corporate pastry chef Lori Sauer.

As the corporate pastry chef for Blue Bridge Hospitality, Sauer is responsible for baking up thousands of sweet treats for the company’s portfolio of restaurants and she does it all from a single-oven kitchen at Crafted Baked Goods.

This year, PACIFIC tapped the sweet bad ass to kick of the magazine’s annual Chain of Gourmand. Along with the November release of the feature, she stopped by our studios to record a new episode of Dish It Up.

Lori Sauer
Pastry Chef Lori Sauer at Crafted Baked Goods in Liberty Public Market.

The full podcast can be found below or on any preferred podcast platform. Here’s a peek at just a few of the topics Sauer dished about:

  • The Blue Bridge Hospitality portfolio
  • Growth at Liberty Public Market
  • Getting out to eat, rather than cooking more at home
  • What it’s like baking for Coronado crowd
  • 11-year career path in San Diego
  • Recent travels
  • New seasonal items on menus
  • R&D, retail and commissary all in one spot
  • Lori’s favorite plate from PACIFIC’s Chain of Gourmand
  • Tips for spotting store-bought desserts on a menu
  • Holiday treats to expect at Crafted Baked Goods
  • What to eat around Liberty Public Market
  • Life outside of the kitchen
  • Desserts that are reflective of Lori’s personality
  • Sending protoges into the world and watching them grow

Dish It Up is a collaboration between PACIFIC and Facebook group Eating and Drinking In San Diego.

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