Good Influencer: San Diegan Erin Aschow whips up cookies, cakes and Instagram gold


Erin Aschow is more than just your standard lifestyle blogger.

On her blog, Ice Cream and Neon Dreams (formerly Revenge Bakery), Erin regularly updates her loyal audience with everything from concert-going tips (she’s kind of an expert) to travel guides (check out her roundup of dog-friendly spots in downtown San Diego) and recipes for everything from how to make your own Taco Bell Crunchwrap Supremes at home to a decadent skillet s’mores crack dip.

She’s a music-loving ordering travel enthusiast and baker who blogs full time, either at home in San Diego or on the road with her musician fiancé.

What inspired Ice Cream and Neon Dreams?

I started my blog about six years ago after closing my online bakery, Revenge Bakery. I shipped cookies across the country in limited batches every month! It got to be so busy at one point that I couldn’t keep up with the orders. I made the decision to transition the bakery into a cooking blog. Which eventually grew into incorporating not only recipes, but food finds, my travels, DIY projects and general lifestyle content.

Now, I’m at a really fun and exciting crossroads as I’ve transitioned the blog over to a new name — Ice Cream and Neon Dreams. I felt like I outgrew “Revenge Bakery” and wanted to rebrand the blog to better fit my current life and content. The new name is reflective of the world I’ve created to share my love of all life, creative passions, unconventional dreams and treats along the way.

Why do you think your audience has connected to your blog and Instagram account, @erinaschow?

I used to work in the music industry, so my initial audience was following to see more of my travels, concerts, etc. When I met my fiancé, I got a huge influx of followers from his band, I have no shame in admitting that! They have a really amazing, dedicated fanbase who welcomed me into the family. From there, I think it’s grown because I post real, authentic content. Whether it’s an over-the-top cheeseburger I found while traveling, or a cool clothing DIY project, I try to connect with everyone who follows me and share things they’d actually want to see, learn about or try.

What has surprised you about the world of blogging and Instagram influencers?

I never would have expected to make a career out of it! I left my 9-to-5 job about four years ago and haven’t looked back! I think it’s amazing that you can create a career that’s reflective of your lifestyle and passions.

What’s your holiday baking go-to? Do you stick to classics or mix it up?

I make my famous “cookie cakes” that I used to sell on Revenge Bakery for every special occasion and event. I also whip up a massive batch of my Grandma’s Famous Chex Mix (salty, sweet, buttery goodness), which is a major crowd pleaser. I like to mix up classic recipes — whether it’s adding Oreos and fudge to a batch of brownies, or sprinkling in a little bacon to my chocolate chip cookie dough!