Whole Lotta Love


In mid-January, the Paci?cSD crew caravanned north to Calabasas, the discreetly chic Los Angeles suburb that’s been home to Britney Spears, members of the Kardashian clan and untold other celebrity train wrecks.
Luckily for all of the Zip Code’s multi-million-dollar-home owners, the neighborhood now has a shining new glimmer of hope: the Wilkinson-Baskett family.
Kendra Wilkinson and Hank Baskett invited us into their home for this issue’s cover and fashion photo shoot (see pages 46-53). And from the moment we carried our equipment across their threshold, the love binding this family was palpable.
With glacial blue eyes and adorable, ?y-away curls, two-year-old Hank IV is cuteness incarnate. His doting parents shower him with affection (as they do each other), speak to him gently and shush everyone when he’s napping. But once Little Hank hits the hay, we get down to business: changing out?ts, retouching makeup, posing. And when the strobe blinks on, Kendra’s passion for her profession heats up-and she expresses her desire to catch the perfect shot.
“Wait, wait, wait,” says the San Diego native while we’re shooting her hubby kissing her forehead. “If he’s kissing me on the forehead, it means he’s proud of me. If he’s kissing me on the neck, it means we’re about to f#ck. They’re really different. Which one do you want?”
We wanted and got the latter (see page 52)-thanks to Kendra, Hank and the tireless ?lm crew.
This issue of Paci?cSD celebrates passion and pleasure in its many forms. Flex your love muscles, San Diego. (Not sure how? Learn how to Kegel on page 42.)

XOXO - David Perloff, Editor in Chief