Study: Living by water increases happiness

Yet another reason why living in San Diego is great: living near water may make you happier. That's right, research conducted at Michigan State University shows a positive correlation between health and coastal living. The study, which focused on the urban capital city Wellington, New Zealand, took a look at residents who lived on the coast and had views of either the Tasman Sea or the Pacific Ocean, as well as those who lived inland, near forests or parks. The results: people living near the water reported less psychological distress. While it already has been established that having bodies of water or green space nearby promotes physical and social activity, Michigan State says the study is the first of its kind to show a link between an uptick in mental health of those who live by water. Knowing what housing prices near the ocean looks like in San Diego, it got us thinking. Are people living by the water happier, because they also have more money to be able to afford housing there? The study took this into consideration and broke down demographics by age, sex and personal income, and the results still showed improvement in mental health among people closer to the ocean. The authors of the study even went so far as to suggest that if living near water promotes greater psychological well-being, then communities could, for example, invest in more affordable housing near water. Sign us up! Finally, just in case you were wondering, the Gallup-Healthways Well-Being Index ranks Hawaii as the No. 1 happiest and healthiest state in the U.S. - and we all know how much water they have around them. Source: DiscoverSD
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