Shark attack in San Diego

While shark attacks are rare in San Diego, a diver was bitten by a hammerhead on Monday, roughly 100 miles off the coast. Shark attack

Great Hammerhead #shark spotted on PI Matt's @GoPro rigs last week!! V unexpected & exciting!

- BBFSF Sharklab (@BiminiSharkLab) August 11, 2015

As reported by Coast Guard officials, the unidentified diver had entered the water from a passenger boat named "Peace" shortly after 8 a.m. when he was bitten on the right hand by a hammerhead shark.

After receiving basic first aid from the boat's crew, he was then transported by air to a local hospital for minor injuries. Hammerhead shark video

Must-see video of a Hammerhead shark chasing down a Tarpon. Watch to see the outcome:

- WPEC CBS12 News (@CBS12) August 11, 2015 What makes this incident even more rare is that hammerhead sharks are usually non-aggressive when approached by divers, unless they have been lured in with bait. So, before you cancel your beach plans this weekend, Coast Guard officials note that this attack represents the first shark bite report they have received this summer. Source: DiscoverSD
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