San Diego's best bike paths

Intro - Bike ride This is one of my favorites, riding bikes around Mission Bay with your favorite person. There are plenty of areas perfect for stopping and relaxing, so bring a backpack filled with a blanket, some munchies and whatever else you can stuff in there. With 15 miles of paths, Mission Bay is a good way to enjoy your weekend. Check out our list of other great bike rides around San Diego. 1 - Silver Strand path 9.2 miles (one way) | easy to intermediate The path from the ferry landing to the Hotel Del is quite nice in its own right as it meanders 3.7 miles along the bay and under the Coronado bridge. Once you're at the Hotel Del, the 5.5-mile (one way) bike ride south with take you past the Navy SEALs training area and some beautiful sand dunes as you head toward Imperial Beach. There are mile markers along the way, making it perfect for a mellow ride. Check out the nearby salt flats and grab a bite in  Imperial Beach. 2 - Lake Miramar trail 4.9 miles | easy The path is a nice easy ride that measures a respectable 4.9 miles, with markers every quarter mile so you can track your progress. Be ready to share the path around the picturesque lake as there are plenty of other people using the path for everything imaginable, so pack a smile and a picnic and enjoy the ride. 3 - Sixth Avenue and Upas Street trail 1.5 to 4.1 miles | easy to intermediate There is a 1.5-mile trail that is a mellow ride that goes along tree-lined loops through the north end of the West Mesa area. The trail consists of level concrete walkways. Follow the #1 round green trail markers. My recommendation is the intermediate 4.1-mile trail. This is the best way to see the world-renowned cluster of museums and gardens. This is mostly level with gradually sloping concrete walks and some segments on roads. Follow the #2 square light orange trail markers. 4 - Pacific Beach Boardwalk 6.1 miles | easy This easy 6.1-mile ride is one of San Diego's favorites. The flat, beachside path stays away from traffic and takes you right along wide-open beaches and past Belmont Park. Stop for lunch at the Wave House and grab a margarita while you watch people shred the standing wave right by the bar. Continue north to Crystal Pier, and if you feel so inclined, grab coffee and a meal at Kono's Cafe. It's always jammed with customers and rightfully so; the food is delicious. 5 - Mission Bay (bayside) path 11 miles | easy This mellow bayside path runs you northeast to Crown Point or southeast through Mission Beach and toward Fiesta Island. The 11-miles (north or south) are a great afternoon ride. There are plenty of areas to stop and enjoy the park for sunbathing or to wade in the bay. While the boardwalk on the ocean is usually crowded, the bayside path is mostly clear. Bring lots of sunscreen and some towels in case you want to pull over and kick back under a tree to enjoy a picnic. 6 - Pacific Beach-La Jolla coastal path This is one of my favorite rides. As you leave Pacific Beach and head north you will be tempted to stay on the main boulevard. Don't do that. Follow the green bike path signs that take you west of La Jolla Boulevard. The path will take you on the side streets through the community of Bird Rock, and offers some vistas of the county's most beautiful stretch of coastline. The 6-mile path will eventually take you toward La Jolla Cove where you can park your bike and enjoy snorkeling at one of San Diego's finest beaches. Pack some masks, snorkels and swim fins so you can view the cove from the water. Etc - Find your wheels Don't have a bike? Here are some rental options: Surf Monkey: 853 Grand Ave., San Diego, (858) 270-6600 Pacific Beach Bikes: 1852 Garnet Ave., San Diego, (858) 220-6187 Wheel Fun Rentals: 1660 Old Globe Way, San Diego, (619) 342-7244 DecoBike: Various locations, Copyright © 2016,  DiscoverSD
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