Rhythm & Bluetooth


By Michael Benninger

The proliferation of smartphones and streaming music services makes it a great time to be a music lover. And thanks to the ease of Bluetooth technology, transmitting favorite tracks stations and playlists wirelessly is just a click (or a tap) away, even in the shower.



JLab OMNI Headphones,

Oceanside-based JLab Audio engineered these high-quality cans to provide immersive sound. Listen to 10 hours of tunes between charges and use the integrated mic to make calls and speak with Siri. The wireless headphones feature LEDs, a brushed-metal finish and a slick volume/track wheel.


Kohler Moxie Showerhead + Wireless Speaker, available at Home Depot and

Rub-a-dub dubstep with the new Moxie showerhead from Kohler. This high-tech showerhead lets bathers stream songs while scrubbing, thanks to an integrated and removable Bluetooth speaker. Microphone not included, so stick with singing into the shampoo bottle.

(pre-order for $216)


Say “so long” to tangled wires with this game-changing new audio accessory, crowd-funded on Kickstarter. Earin offers the world’s smallest, 100-percent-wireless earbuds made with music lovers in mind. This tiny twosome delivers three hours of tunes at a time and recharges inside its pocket-sized storage capsule.



Harman Kardon Aura, available at the Apple Store and

At first glance, the Harman Kardon Aura might look like a kitchen appliance, but this high-end hi-fi sound-system promises to fill any space with lush, omnidirectional, distortion-free music. Aside from Bluetooth, the Aura also plays nice with Apple AirPlay and DLNA technology.


Logitech UE Boom, available at Best Buy and

This portable Bluetooth speaker promises crystal- clear vocals and rich, bassy beats. Fifteen hours of nonstop playtime guarantee to keep the good times rolling into the wee hours. Connect two Booms together to create a stereophonic experience.
(f.) ROCK ‘N’ ROLL


iCarta 2 Toilet Paper Holder,

When nature calls, answer the phone on the throne with this device that gives new meaning to crappy music. The iCarta 2 Toilet Paper Holder is a ready-to-rock dispenser with Bluetooth connectivity, four full-range speakers and a dedicated iPhone dock for when both hands are in use.


Fugoo Sport,

The rubberized Fugoo Sport speaker is durable and, despite its small size, packs a serious audio punch. Able to withstand mud, snow, water and shock, it’s beach-ready and boasts a 40-hour battery life. Full Siri/Google integration allows for interaction with smartphones, even when they’re out of reach. The versatile mounting socket makes it a good fit for everything from beach cruisers to high-end action sports equipment.


Grace Digital 3Play Receiver, available at Walmart and

This digital doohickey, which hooks up to any home stereo, car stereo or powered speakers, gives up to three users streaming access at the same time. Pressing play on any one of the three paired devices pauses the current track and lets the next DJ take over the party.



Bluetooth E-Cigarette,
Holy smokes! For the e-cig aficionado who has it all comes the Supersmoker Bluetooth, a smartphone-friendly vape pen. This multi- functioning puff piece streams songs from paired devices and has a built- in mic that lets users take phone calls between exhales.


AwoX StriimLIGHT

With a long-lasting LED bulb and integrated Bluetooth speaker, the energy-efficient AwoX StriimLIGHT offers an illuminating music experience. It fits in any standard bulb fixture and comes with a remote control to dim the lights and crank the volume.
(k.) AMP’D UP


Line 6 Amplifi Guitar Amp/Speaker, available at Guitar Center and

Perfect for practicing, performing and partying, the Amplifi Guitar Amp/Speaker rocks the house with five full-range speakers and sonic supremacy that regular amps can’t come compete with. A robust mobile app rounds out the offering, making Amplifi the cool new way to jam.