Re: Solutions


By David Perloff, Editor-in-Chief

It’s December 21, which is surprising. I had expected to wake up dead. Silly Mayans - can’t count on those guys for anything.

To be fair, it was probably gringos who got it wrong; misread the cave drawings. We’ve never been so good at foreign languages. If folks don’t speak American, we’re like, “Uh, what?” And why bother learning Spanish if the world is going to end, anyway?

Alas, until Yellowstone blows up or Kim Jong-un pushes the wrong button, it looks like Earth’s going to remain intact, so I suppose I’ll have to follow through on the life improvements I’ve been promising myself (and my wife) I’d make: eat less crap, be more affectionate, stop worrying.

Maybe the Mayans were talking about the fiscal cliff? (Guess who Mel Gibson’s going to blame if we go over that one. Hint: it ain’t Nostradamus...or was his dad Jewish?) Maybe I should wait and see how that shakes out before making any big moves.

I’ve quit enough bad habits to not have many fun ones left. Marlboro reds became lights became Nicorette became Orbit became grinding my teeth. Now I’ve chilled out, so I don’t even do that anymore.

If I could go back in time, I’d erase the smoking, not to mention the throwing of the cookies at Mrs. Smaak when I was 7. (I’m so, so, so sorry, Mrs. Smaak - I was angry with myself, not you.) Man, I really regret doing those things.

I changed price tags at the mall in high school to get Girbaud jeans for the price of Wranglers. Money was tight, and the former were easier to cuff tight to the ankle, so I rationalized it. When I finally stopped (the petty larceny and the pegging of the jeans), I wished I had done so earlier.

My dad used to say, “Life’s not a dress rehearsal.” I didn’t get it at the time - not sure he really did, either - but I’m starting to. Dad couldn’t take his own advice (who can?), but he was telling me not to wait, for anything.

Each time I’ve made a change for the better in my life, the positive impact has been instantaneous. Quitting this, starting that - that’s never been the problem. Procrastination has been.

The solution? It isn’t resolutions.

This issue of PacificSD is all about fresh starts and new beginnings - from an NBC TV weather anchor who staged a comeback despite all odds (see “Sunny, With Lingering Clouds”) to cosmetic surgery trends (see “Are Those Real”) to fresh styles for guys (see “Look, Man”) to the city’s coffee shops (see “Livin’ La Vida Mocha”) and breakfasts that help launch a new day (see “Morning Glory”).

It’s time to stop talking about change and start making it. (I’m talking to myself here.) Life moves too fast to wait for another New Year. This photo of my dad and me, which my brother just dug out of a box of slides in his basement, is a testament to that.

Another day began this morning. Another hour starts in 20 minutes. Another second just passed. Dad lived until he was 52. I’m 42. The time is now.

Or maybe January 2nd.