Pinback's Rob Crow is quitting music

A series of social media posts from Pinback's Rob Crow (44) suggest the prolific San Diego-based singer/songwriter/multi-instrumentalist is stepping away from the music biz. It all started Monday, just after midnight, when Rob tweeted: @rob5d4 In fact, i think I'm gonna finish up & release all my current records & give up. Thanks you guys! I really appreciated it. - Rob Crow (@rob5d4) March 9, 2015


Shortly thereafter, he posted on Facebook: "I'm well! I'm out! Healthy safe and sound with my family. No bad weirdness. Just don't wanna talk about myself anymore. Feel free to say hi if you see me!" Huh? One of San Diego's finest musical exports is gonna "give up"? He's "out"? What's going on? Well, 12 hours later, Crow returned to Facebook to clarify his posts and confirm that he was quitting music, citing "making music in this climate is financially irresponsible to my family and ultimately humiliating to my psyche". Additionally, he added that he's "chucking the booze" and quitting Facebook and Twitter, in an effort to be "a responsible husband and father." Family first While the longtime fan in me is bummed, the dad in me completely understands (and supports) the musicians "mature", commendable decisions. Over the years, Crow has issued several LPs with Pinback and as a solo artist, as well as played with Thingy, Heavy Vegetable, Alpha Males, Goblin Cock and many, many more. Rob, I'll miss you, "not in a Slint way, but I'll miss you" (from Pinback's AFK). In the meantime, here are some of my favorite Pinback songs: Source: DiscoverSD
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