On Comet


On November 12, the Philae space-lander successfully touched down on Comet 67P, which was 300 million miles from Earth and cruising at 40 thousand miles per hour. Talk about giant leap.

Now that CNN has toned down its coverage of Ebola and the Isis crisis, perhaps anchors Wolf and Anderson can pay attention to man’s interstellar conquest before their feeds flicker anew with images of Santa, Comet and the other reindeer circumnavigating the globe’s nicer neighborhoods.

And now it’s time for a holiday rhyme...
Eek! and alas, another year has passed.
Still, for me, this one’s just like the last.
I’m no older - at least no more mature.
My humor’s still blue; some say it’s poor.
I know it’s old-fashioned and probly ain’t cool
To joke like the kids in elementary school.

But when I hear what we’re doing in space,
A juvenile look appears on my face.
I think of the comet and what it can teach
And know that Uranus is now within reach.

Thank you, Dear Reader, for a wonderful year.
I wish you incessant holiday cheer.
And thanks to Obama’s executive order,
Rudolph and Co. can now cross the border.
As Comet said, right before he snorted.
“With all these gifts, we won’t be deported.”

Merry (and Murray) Christmas, Dear Reader. For sore eyes you’re a sight. See you next month. Have a great New Year’s night.

David Perloff