Old News


My house was built in 1930, 21 years after Ruth Galloway Young was born.

I’ve mentioned Ruth before. She’s been my step-grandmother since my dad married my stepmom in Escondido 33 years ago...when Ruth was just 70 years old.

Ruth outlived everyone she knew from her own generation, and a lot of her friends and family from the next. She was married for nearly 70 years before her husband, Marcus LeGrand Young III, died. Even their names sound old.

At age 100, Ruth saw the movie Avatar in 3D, and I’ll cherish this photo for the rest of my life. The intensity of the experience shocked her, but seemed also to tickle a childish spirit within her. And she definitely rocked the shades.

Despite her age, Ruth always seemed like a kid at heart to me. And right up to the moment she died a few weeks ago, on January 23, two days before her 103rd birthday, she seemed to be giggling.

I live in San Diego because of Ruth, who gave birth to Katherine, who married my dad, which is what brought me here to meet my beautiful wife. For me, it’s the people I love, not this house, that creates the feeling of home. (And now there’s actually a small human living inside my wife, but more on that later.)

This issue of PacificSD is dedicated to Ruth Galloway Young-"Gran,” to everyone who knew her. I love you, Gran.